1973 Bowie

“This, again, is all Freddie Burretti stuff. ’73-ish.  These were my day clothes ha ha ha! My offstage stuff!! I look rather reflective. Kind of, Where are we going? It was madness by then.  We were touring frantically.  We toured all of 1972.  And I had one month off in ’73.  I must have been pretty near the edge.  This was during our second American tour.  I folded up the Spiders in July, 73′.  I was very exhausted.” – David Bowie (1993) responds to this photo shown to him by Q Magazine in “David Bowie: This is Your Life” feature.

http://www.5years.com/start.htmalum tie

State of the Union

Any political event will generate a multitude of ties.  Last night’s State of the Union Address was no exception with three ties in sight for most of the speech.  President Obama’s – typical, classic, tied well.  Speaker of the House, John Boehner’s – looked pink which was strange, but upon closer inspection was more of a lavender color.  Vice President, Joe Biden’s had a poorly tied knot and he tightened his tie mid-address!SOTU ties

Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist

While watching interviews with Jonathan Katz on YouTube, it occurred to me that my favorite cartoon professional therapist, Dr. Katz, sports a brilliant tie.  This very traditional, recurring necktie always looks fantastic in Squigglevision.

“Note to myself: How are you? Who’s your favorite professional therapist? You are, you bad, bad Dr. Katz.”

Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist